Happy Andre Memories

1) After I adopted Andre, I taught him “roll over”. The funny thing is that he would only roll in one direction. Years later, Wayne showed me the movie Zoolander, and I almost changed Andre’s name. 2) Andre loved to mark. I never got any exercise on our walks because he had to stop by […]

Thanksgiving Yummies

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for vegans. So many of the dishes traditionally include loads of animal products, and if you’re less than lucky the meal will include some kind of awkward interrogation about your choice of diet by someone who is smacking on a hunk of turkey. We lucked out […]

A Richmond Favorite

Sometimes it takes a lunch date gone awry to remind me to be grateful for the times when folks have sense of etiquette. My friend arrived late, answered the phone twice during our meal, and didn’t have enough money to pay for lunch. Oy vey! Was my meal a total failure? No way! We were […]