Hello, and welcome to our family blog! There isn’t a whole lot here other than updates about our family, our love of vegan cooking, our animals, our amazing daughter, and my love of gaming and technology.

My name is Wayne, and I am a product manager at Alexa Internet. My career started out quite differently, however, and it’s been a long and crazy journey to get where I am. My PhD is in physics, with an emphasis on astrophysics. I’ve worked as farm labor, a drug store clerk, a one-hour photo operator (remember those?), a graduate student, a researcher, and a software engineer. I love technology and the way the world is connecting in ways we’re only beginning to understand. I also love analog gaming, from card games to board games to role playing games.

I am married to Raelene, the most wonderful woman in the world. She graduated with a BA in anthropology, and then went on to get an MA in speech communications. She loves French, and is a complete Francophile. Until recently she worked as a college communications instructor, a position she left to become a full time mom.

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