Kitchen Time

When we decided not to move Corinne from her current preschool to a Montessori preschool, it was a tough decision because I like the Montessori approach and have known how positive this style of learning can be for kids. It was really empowering for me to decide to incorporate Montessori into our home life. I’ll […]

It’s national sandwich day!

I found out this afternoon that it’s national sandwich day. Wayne loves sandwiches almost as much as he loves me. Put some food in between two slices of bread, and this man is HAPPY. And then I can take advantage of his giddiness by asking him to clean something. Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be […]

Halloween fun!

I usually hate Halloween. It’s right after the seasons start to change, and most years I’m exhausted and miserable with a nasty cold. The last thing I feel like doing this time of year is make a costume and go out. But when you have a husband who loves Halloween and a preschooler who is […]