Sunday Supper: Autumn Root Soup

Mother nature was a bit temperamental this weekend, and Corinne experienced her first big storm with thunder and lightening. She and I are both fighting a cruddy cough and generally not feeling so well. With an abundance of vegetables from the farmer’s market, I attempted to add a bit of comfort to our weekend with […]

Cooking with squash

I realized after Sunday’s post that I should share more about cooking with squash, more specifically, how to prep it. Going from a whole squash to peeled and diced cubes can seem a bit daunting, but it’s actually not that difficult. One tip that I picked up along the way is to put the whole […]

How delicious this was this dinner? Butternut tell you now.

My friend, Gina, has this great job where she helps people clear out their homes and sell stuff. When she called to tell me she had a huge stash of one of my favorite china patterns, I was tempted. In the end, I became the proud owner of Franciscan Desert Rose china. And as luck […]