Sea food

Last year, we wrote about our favorite salts. We have new favorite to talk about this time around. We had the fortune of being about to make a few trips to Mendocino this year. Mendocino (aka “Spendocino”) is a truly magical place, and it’s wonderful to slow down and relax and listen to the ocean. […]

Florence Dusty would approve

We love this video clip, and forevermore Wayne will laugh whenever one of us mentions muffins. Get a whiff of that.. All joking aside, we love to bake muffins. They’re less involved than cookies, which means we can make them more often. We also found that they tend to sell very well at bake sales, […]

A lovely Monday

I bought Corinne this miniature dish drainer and some Rubbermaid tubs, and she was happily washing dishes all afternoon. It’s a huge thrill for her, and it gave me ample time to cook up a pot of soup. We got a great deal on some zucchini at the farmer’s market, but it needed to be […]