A Backend Refresh


I first created this blog over a decade ago, and until now I’ve been able to successfully update the underlying codebase. But 10 years of upgrades is a long time, and legacy files and settings abound, so I’ve decided to pull the trigger and reinstall the code from scratch. So if you notice anything broken other than the overall theme (the theme we were using is so old it was deprecated a few years ago), please let me know.

Is this thing on?

Tap. tap. Is this thing on?

I originally crated this site to help keep friends and family up to date about the family, kinda like a the note inside a holiday card but three times a week. That was over a decade ago, and Facebook has since filled that need extremely well. But then Facebook is also doing horrible things to our data and destroying democracy, so maybe relying on it was a bad idea.

Regardless, I really enjoy writing so I am going to try and start blogging here and on waynecoburn.com again.


It’s hard to believe, but Corinne starts Kindergarten today! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday she was a baby in her crib, or a toddler wandering through the house clutching baby Elmo, or a small child pushing a stroller around and talking on a pretend cell phone. Now she dresses herself (mostly), does chores (more or less), can clean up after herself (when you ask her to). She’s reading, doing simple math, eager to learn about science, and now she’s a kindergartener. I have to admit I’m tearing up as I write this.

Your formal education starts today Corinne. Today is a big day, bigger than you know, have fun and try not to eat too much paste.