Sea food

Last year, we wrote about our favorite salts. We have new favorite to talk about this time around.

We had the fortune of being about to make a few trips to Mendocino this year. Mendocino (aka “Spendocino”) is a truly magical place, and it’s wonderful to slow down and relax and listen to the ocean. We usually will have at least one meal at The Ravens’, which is quite an experience. We can’t easily bring home food from the Ravens’, but we can bring home some wonderful sea salt that we discovered on a walk through the local farmers market.

Mendocino sea salt is a nice size and has a balanced flavor. One thing that we love about it is that it is easy to crumble up a bit for a finer texture. You don’t need a salt mill. We plan on giving this salt to some of our foodie friends for the holidays. There are a variety of the Mendocino salts choose from. The plain salt is the most versatile. The smoked salt is phenomenal, and it just takes a tiny bit to transform some grilled vegetables or a tofu scramble. Yes, as predicted, we’re crazy about smoked salt.

For lunch yesterday, I did a quick sauté of broccoli florettes and cubes of tofu. I seasoned it with a few dashes of soy sauce and some crushed garlic, and to finish it off I added a light sprinkling of the nori sea salt. It was so healthy and delicious, and Corinne was visibly upset when she accidentally dropped a piece of broccoli on the floor. The best part is that this lunch was made in less time than it would have taken to put shoes on and walk to the car. Who needs to leave the house for fabulous fast food? Not us!

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