We reached a fairly big milestone this weekend, Corinne got her second haircut! Usually the first of anything is a big deal, but in this case the second was a triumph because Corinne didn’t really understand what was going on the first time and so was a lot more relaxed.

Normally when you mention haircuts Corinne holds her head and starts crying that she doesn’t want one. We’ve been warming her up to the idea though, with promises of a lollipop and a grab from the grab bag. Late last week she finally agreed, and even seemed excited about it.

We took Corinne to a salon Saturday morning. It’s a place that’s close by, and the stylist is really nice and does a good job. She was excited watching Mommy get her hair cut, but when it was her turn she wasn’t so sure anymore. She started balling as soon as we got her in the chair, and I ended up holding and comforting her as mommy shouted encouragement and the stylist cut.

In the end everyone got through it, including Corinne, and she now has a cute little bob that will be much easier for me to keep clean and brush out. She also got really excited when she pulled the rubber lizard from the grab bag, and played with it all the way home.

That afternoon we took her to the park, and on Sunday the weather was so nice we took her to the park twice (before and after her nap). She seems to have forgotten the fear she felt getting the cut, and even seems to be proud of her new do. Hopefully it wont be another year plus before her next one.

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