I really need to blog more

Seriously, I need to spend more time on this and my other blog. I was coasting happily with an Alexa Rank in the mid 200,000’s and a Google Page Rank of 3, but now those numbers are slipping. It’s not that the numbers themselves matter much, I’d prefer a lower Alexa Rank and a higher Page Rank of course. But rather it’s a numeric reminder that without lots of new content, this blog is going to lose what little relevance (and readers) and few readers it has.

Last weekend I played in a Warhammer FRP game, which was a lot of fun. The game is a Cohen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino style caper that goes horribly, horribly wrong. It got very Tarantino this past session, with my character being violated by a chaos cultist “gimp.” Shudder. The next session of Warhammer will be the last, as we finish up the caper. I also am running a Dresden Files RPG game for DresdaCon, which should be fun. I went ahead and canceled my CthulhuTech game, so after those last two commitments I have nothing scheduled and plan on scheduling nothing until at least early 2011. There’s so much work to do at work and at home that I can’t justify even one day a month or so anymore.

We have no big plans for the coming 3-day weekend, other than firing up the grill and taking Corinne to watch Fireworks. She really enjoyed the fireworks show last year, watching intently and then falling asleep in my arms when it was over. But who knows what will happen this year. She may hear the first few booms and decide it’s not for her, or she might see the explosion in the sky and start cheering, “Again!” 🙂 I guess we’ll see in a few days.

Corinne’s current favorite TV show is Dora the Explorer, and one of her favorite toys is a 6′ play tunnel we got her. She’s wearing 3T clothes, and if she continues to grow at her current rate she’ll be in 4T by the end of the summer (or sooner). She’s very much a little kid now, it’s amazing how having a child in the house makes you keenly aware of the inevitable and unrelenting progress of time. Everything they say about capturing the precious moments before they’re gone is true.

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