Cthulhu Dogs!

Okay, I admit that we’ve never had a problem getting Corinne to eat pasta or Smart Dogs. But if we did, these Cthulhu inspired spaghetti dogs might be a great way to get her interested in eating them. 🙂 They’re actually deceptively easy to make. All I did was cut up a couple of smart dogs into six pieces, and then thread multiple strands of uncooked whole wheat spaghetti through each piece.

I then boiled the spaghetti in a according to the directions on the package. I did make sure it was a huge pot with lots of water though, I wanted to give the little dogs plenty of room to float around to help minimize the pasta breaking. Once the spaghetti was done, I carefully fished out each piece with a spider and let them cool before serving.

I didn’t bother with sauce because I wanted her to have the full effect of the little critters. Needless to say they were a big hit. I also made sure I had plenty of vegetables to go along with the dogs, so she had something to eat instead of just asking for more. 🙂

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