Finding websites about vegan food

I realize this is another technical veganmofo post, but I’m as much of a techie as a foodie. 🙂 the website I work for,, has a pretty cool feature that helps you find websites about certain topics. This is different from what Google does, which is find webpages related to the keywords you type into the search box. Sometimes you want a webpage, but sometimes it’s nice to discover entire new sites on a topic you are interested in.

So, when I type “vegan cooking” into Alexa’s site finder, I find the following sites:

I’ve visited some of these sites, heard of a few others, and some are completely new to me. The Alexa search results also display a bunch of other useful information about each site, although some  of it is aimed more at webmasters and not casual users. There are other searches you can do as well, including vegan, veganism, vegan food, and animal rescue.

Again, sorry for the lack of mouth watering yummy food in this post. Hopefully tomorrow. 🙂

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