Midweek Update

We had a very nice 4th of July last weekend. We saw fireworks on the 3rd, and on the 4th I fired up the grill and cooked up a slew of vegetables and brined tofu. The tofu was too salty, but I think I know what I did wrong so I’m eager to try it […]

I really need to blog more

Seriously, I need to spend more time on this and my other blog. I was coasting happily with an Alexa Rank in the mid 200,000’s and a Google Page Rank of 3, but now those numbers are slipping. It’s not that the numbers themselves matter much, I’d prefer a lower Alexa Rank and a higher […]

Father’s Day Weekend

Thanks to Raelene and Corinne I had a wonderful Father’s day weekend. It started off at 5:30AM when Corinne insisted on waking me up to wish me a happy Father’s Day. It was many hours later that Raelene reminded her to say it, but I knew that’s what was in her heart. 🙂 After Raelene […]