Happy Humpday!

Happy Wednesday!

Things are fairly quiet at the Coburn household at the moment. Well, I guess I should say “uneventuful” because with Kiwi the Indian Ringneck around nothing is every quiet! ~smiles~ I had a lot of fun at the vegan website forums meetup last weekend. The food was great and the people were really cool. I hope Raelene and I are able to keep in touch with most if not all of them.

Next weekend we have the Mickaboo Adoption Fair in San Ramon. If you’re in the SF Bay area and are thinking about adopting a parrot, this is the place to be. Kiwi will be there, as will a lot of other birds, all flappin’ and screamin’ and doing bird type things. It should be a lot of fun. Raelene and I are also gearing up to fid-sit a disabled former member of the “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” flock. That should be fun. One of the nice things about working in the Presidio is having the flock fly overhead periodically during the day.

Happy New Year!

Wayne and I went to Oakland this evening for dinner at the New World Vegetarian restaurant. The occasion? The first ever Bay Area meetup for folks on the PPK discussion forums. We had about fifteen people total and it was great to socialize with people you only know through a computer screen. The food was great, too. Wayne and I shared a clay pot dish with rice, noodles, and broccoli. as well as a flavorful Brazilian black bean stew with collard greens and brown rice. Dessert was a coconut sour cream cake from Black China Bakery. Yum.

Before we met up with everyone for dinner, we walked around Chinatown. Some fireworks went off across the street, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if it was fireworks or a shooting. Either way, I was glad to be indoors when it happened. We also stumbled across the Layonna Vegetarian market, which is well known for their variety of vegetarian meats. I’m not sure how they will taste, but we’re adventurous.

ever more updates

Raelene and I had a wonderful Valentines day. I surprised her flowers last night, and she surprised me with heart shaped vegan cupcakes. We also shared a dinner of vegan fajitas, which is a good dinner to share since you’re eating off the same plate. ~smile~ We did other, more romantic stuff too. But I wont go into that here. ~grins~