New Everything!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are overflowing with things to be thankful for right now, so I thought I should take a few minutes to share them with you.

We have a new dog

His name is Henry, and he’s a rescue from Willows in Northern California. He was rescued from a shelter by Coppers Dream, a bay area dog rescue organization. We think he’s part Shih Tzu and part Cairn Terrier, and our guess is he’s about 8 years old. It’s taken him some time to relax and adjust, but he’s slowly making himself at home. He’s great with Corinne, and it’s nice to have do energy back in the house.

We bought a house

Wait, what? Yes! We bought a house in El Cerrito. The entire process went incredibly fast, less than 5 weeks from seeing the listing to closing escrow. It’s in the lower part of the hills, in the Madera Elementary School district. We are across the street from a park, which is perfect for Corinne, and if you walk a short block there’s an amazing view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The house is relatively new, built in 1968, and I believe we are the 3rd owners. It’s big, has lots of storage, a huge two car garage, and three bedrooms. That last bit is important because…

We’re expecting a girl

Yes! Raelene is pregnant with a baby girl. Corinne’s little sister is due in mid-May, and we are overjoyed. I anticipate blogging a lot more as we get closer to Raelene’s due date, there is a lot of stuff to document with a new baby. ­čÖé

Zoe the Parrot

I haven’t written about Zoe the Parrot in a long time, so I thought maybe now would be a good time to post an update.

For those who don’t know Zoe, she’s a Cameroon African Grey parrot. Cameroon Grey parrots are similar to Congo African Grey parrots, only they are slightly larger, slightly whiter (less grey), and have silvery instead of yellow eyes. To be honest, I’m not sure if the distinction between Cameroon and Congo Grey parrots is real or a ploy by breeders to charge more for a “rarer” bird. Either way, Zoe is┬ádefinitely┬áon of the larger, ligher colored birds with silver instead of yellow eyes.

Zoe recently had her 10th birthday, and she’s doing great. She’s physically super healthy, and her most recent labs came back perfect. Her favorite toys these days are shredders (things she can tear apart), and she occasionally decides to tear up chunks of wood as well. That’s as far as her nesting instinct seems to go, which is fine with me. She also has a metal bell, and occasionally gives it a really good beating.

Zoe is mostly out in the evening after Corinne goes to bed. Corinne and Zoe still haven’t really met, and Corinne tends to think of Zoe as our pet who lives in a cage.┬áThe combination of a parrot and child is┬ácertainly┬átricky. Corinne is very spirited, and I worry about her scaring Zoe and Zoe hurting herself in the process. I also worry about Corinne getting into Zoe’s face and getting bitten. As Corinne gets older it will be easier, of course, but for now it’s a challenge.