Summer Fun

Today we had a lot of fun at Corinne’s summer pageant. The show was in three acts. First was a Smokey the Bear play, extolling the virtues of being safe and not playing with matches. Then was a Cirque du Soleil style act on a trampoline. The kids didn’t do any acrobatics, they just bounced while singing Five Little Monkies. The third act was a series of songs with plenty of jumping up and down and arm waiving. It was adorable, completely adorable.

After the pageant we went to a park and had a pot luck while the kids played. Corinne played very hard, and by the time we got home she was over tired starting to melt down. I gave her a quick bath, and then we did bedtime. She tried to pretend she wasn’t tired, but she was asleep almost immediately. It was a lot of fun.

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