Out of the Ashes

In my last post I said I wasn’t sure what was next, but I knew I wouldn’t be idle for long. Well, it wasn’t long, and I think I know what’s next. I want to build a website for micro and mini fundraising. I want to empower individual volunteers to support the organizations they love, and on their own terms. I also want to facilitate small grassroots organizations wanting to run their own fundraisers.

This idea has come up independently in two conversations now, and like Kiva, DonorsChoose and Kickstarter I think it’s going to resonate with people. I want to build a website that will help an individual organize a 1 or 10 or whatever person event for an cause he or she supports. In the same way, I want to help small organisations put on their own charity event. And because the world is social, I want to help people find charity events to participate in. I want to truly empower the power of one. You shouldn’t have to wait for someone else, you should be able to create Race for the Cure or Aids Walk/Run and have it succeed. You should be able to participate in charity events that are 100% free of corporate sponsorship. Your passion belongs to you,  and should not be associated with pink buckets of chicken, soft drink power votes, or branded marketing of any kind unless you want it to.

There’s a lot of stuff I need to do before I start writing website code, of course, so don’t expect to see something immediately. I also have no intention of quitting my day job any time soon, so the going is going to be slow. But I think there is something exciting here, something that no one else is doing. I’m excited by it. If this excites you too, please let me know.

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  1. “you should be able to create Race for the Cure or Aids Walk/Run and have it succeed”.

    Agreed, and you should NOT have to raise $1600 to participate.

    This is a cool idea, Capn. . .i’m looking forward to hearing more as things progress.

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