The Minicon is Coming

The Endgame Minicon is next Saturday, and I am am both very nervous and very excited about it. I am running an experimental game based on Scion, and I have no idea how it is going to turn out. I love Neon Genesis Evangelion, both the anime and the manga, and I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while now. A few things lept to mind, including Ben Lehman’s Bliss Stage and Eden Studios’ Armageddon, but in the end I decided to run with White Wolf’s Scion. So in my game, the Evangelions and their pilots have been replaced by the children of Earth’s old gods, and the Titans from Scion replaced with Angels, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and The Book of Revelation from the New Testament. I’ve never run anything quite so… heretical before. It should be interesting, and hopefully fun. The game filled up quickly, and there are two people on the wait list. I hope I can live up to their expectations.

In preparation for the game I’ve been creating a number of props. I made a large “battle wheel”, which is something used to help make keeping track of combat easier, and put together custom tracking pieces for each player. I’ve also created a large (4’x6′) poster that will be on a wall across the room from the players. The poster is intended as a visual reminder for their quest, which is to ascend to Heaven so they can confront God. There are a few other things that I’ve put together as well, but I will leave those as a surprise.

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