Passover and Easter

This past weekend we celebrated both Passover and Easter. Yes, I know that Passover started last Monday at sundown. But it’s so much easier to have our seder on the weekend, hopefully Moses wont mind.

On Saturday we had our Seder. We were also babysitting Corinne’s BFF, and with a 2nd 3 year old in the house we went through the ceremony a little quickly. Corinne’s loved dipping her finger in the grape juice for the plagues, and loved dipping everything in the saltwater tears. Oy vey. The girls also ran around and played hard all evening, and had a lot of fun.

On Sunday the Easter Bunny stopped by and left Corinne a basket full of activity books, stickers, and a single lollipop. No sugar overload at our house Easter morning. The rest of the day was fairly low key. We went for a walk, we had a nice dinner, we played and had fun. Overall it was a very nice weekend.

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