Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! For me every day this week has felt like a Friday, so I am happy that Friday is finally here.

Corinne continues to grow at an amazing rate. I am starting to suspect the terrible 3’s are going to be worse than the terrible 2’s. During the terrible 2’s she was all will and no direction, but now she still has no direction but the strength to back up her will. Oh dear.

In other Corinne news, she is on the cusp of reading. Last Sunday, April 10th, Corinne walked up to Raelene with a tube of sunscreen and said, “S… U… N… Sun”, correctly reading the word at the top of the tub. Wow.

Sunday is going to be a busy day, with a birthday party in the morning and a spring festival in the afternoon. The birthday party is for Corinne’s bff, and Raelene is volunteering at the festival. We aren’t sure how we’re going to organize the outings with Corinne’s nap schedule, but I’m sure we will figure something out as we go along.

Taxes are done, in case you are wondering. There’s not going to be any mad scramble to finish them over the weekend.

We have a video camera we never use because I can’t figure out how to transfer video off of the tape. I know that Flip video recorders are out and video shot on your phone is in, but our phones take lousy video. So I bought a Flip video camera super cheap. Hopefully it will work out for us. If it does, expect to see more video of Corinne on the blog. 🙂

After this weekend we don’t have a whole lot of stuff coming up, so hopefully I can get some house projects done. If I’m lucky I’ll even have a chance to blog some this weekend so there’s something to read on Monday.

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