Between the Weekends

We had a great weekend. Busy, but great. The weather was nice, and on Sunday we made both the birthday party and Spring Festival.

The birthday part was for Corinne’s BFF, and was held at a park just two blocks from where we live. Talk about convenient! There were a handful of kids from Corinne’s preschool there, along with some friends from the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun, and I will try to get a video up soon.

Speaking of videos, did you notice I added a video of Corinne playing on the slide? I’m quite proud of myself for getting that off the camera, up to YouTube, and then onto the blog. It’s not a great video, I know, but given I can’t get anything off the old video camera I’m happy.

The Solano Playlot Spring Festival was a lot of fun. Corinne participated in her first easter egg hunt, and I think she found four candy filled plastic eggs. She also took two swings at a pinata, and then used her third to go after the guy running things (who kept letting big kids go before her). There was also a simple obstacle course, and at one point the kids were told to hide behind some big rocks. Corinne  was soooo serious while hiding behind her rock, peeking out to see what was going on. It was very cute

Next weekend we’re celebrating Passover on Saturday and Easter on Sunday. We also have another birthday party to attend, but this time it’s for Corinne’s BFF’s Mom. With everything else going on I’m not sure if we’ll make it, but we will try so that Corinne and her BFF can play.

We’ve started planning a weekend getaway for our anniversary, you can probably guess the details. 🙂

I’m also scheduled to play in a game in early June, and I am very, very excited about that. It’s a somewhat sequel to the Godlike campaign I was in a year or so ago, inspired by one of the flashbacks I wrote as part of that game. Instead of soldiers in WW2, we will be playing Nazi hunters during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

And that’s about it! Happy Wednesday!

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