Game Night Cookzine Fundraiser!

Okay, said my fundraiser wasn’t a good match for their website, so I’m going to use PayPal to raise money instead. I was hoping to use Kickstarter to make it easy to only collect funds if the $200 minimum was met, so I will have to change things up a bit.

Here’s the deal. Please donate using the PayPal “Donate” button below. On March 15th, I will donate 100% of the money I collect (minus the PayPal fees) to Mickaboo. For every $200 I raise, I will Angel sponsor a Mickaboo bird. Everything I raise that doesn’t fit into a $200 chunk will go to partially sponsor a Mickaboo bird. I will make sure everyone knows who the birds being sponsored are, and post updates to make it easy to keep track of how the birds are doing.

If I raise $200, I will write a Vegan Game Night cookzine and release it as a PDF under the Creative Commons license. I guarantee it will have at least 32 recipes, more if I am able. If you donate $20, I will print up, staple together, and mail you a copy of it. If you donate $50, I will list you in the back as a Super Special Angel sponsor.

If I raise $1000 (ha!), I will POD a hardcover of the cookzine and mail it to a randomly selected contributor.

Okay, sound good? Here’s the button:

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