Pumpkin Pancake Brunch

We had plans to go to Souley Vegan for brunch with friends this morning, but because of the rain we decided to reschedule. I knew Raelene was really looking forward to brunch, so I pulled down Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan Brunch cookbook and started flipping through it. I decided that Pumpkin Pancakes looked good, and we had everything to make them, so I asked Raelene what she thought and she was all for it. So Corinne and I started making pumpkin pancakes.

The recipe was a little wet, and I couldn’t figure out how to cook the pancakes all the way through without burning them, but overall everyone enjoyed them. Well, to say that Corinne enjoyed them is an understatement. She loved them. She really, really loved them. Oh my. I think she ended up eating half of the batch, or close to it. One thing I can say for sure, Corinne loves pumpkin pancakes. I just wish chemistry, food science, and vegan pancakes got along better. 🙂

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