Interesting Times Part I

Wow, so much has happened since my last blog post. It’s been crazy, too crazy to blog.

On August 27th, Raelene had an accident at home and broke her ankle. She called me at work minutes before the PresidiGo left for downtown San Francisco, so I grabbed my things and flew out the door. I was half way across town before I was able to call my boss and let him know that I was no longer in my office.

A word of advice, never break your ankle on a Friday. When Raelene called the doctor’s office, they told her she could have an appointment in 7 hours. Granted we weren’t sure what was wrong at the time, but she heard an audible “crack” and her ankle was swelling and bruising, so we assumed it wasn’t good. I called the office several times from downtown SF and on the train, and eventually they agreed to have us come in and get an X-ray. Once  I got home, I packed up some food for Corinne, helped Raelene out to the car, and headed out.

Once at the office, Raelene got an X-ray taken, and the doctor looked at it between appointments. They confirmed that her fibula was broken, but told us to go to the ER because they couldn’t put a cast on and the orthopedic surgeon they refer people to had already gone home for the day. They gave us a referral, and told us to call when the office opened on Monday to make an appointment. They also called in a prescription for pain medications.

So I dropped Raelene off at the ER, and then started driving Corinne around because I wanted Corinne to fall asleep in the car (which she did). Corinne woke up about the same time Raelene was ready to go, which was perfect. The ER also gave Raelene some crutches, which also helped. After I got Raelene into the car we headed to the pharmacy to get the pills, then a taqueria for some take-out, and finally home to collapse.

Wow, what a day. And there’s more to come.

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