We’re Back!

We’re back! There was a lack of posts last week because we were once again in Mendocino vacationing. The Sun came out a couple of times, and then only for a few minutes, but we had lots of fun in the fog. The house we stayed in is absolutely amazing. The master bedroom is larger than the economy I rented when I was in San Diego. We had breakfast and dinner at The Ravens, and it was as amazing as the 1st time we were there. This time we took Corinne, and she was incredibly well behaved once we explained that it was a fancy restaurant. From now on all restaurants are fancy restaurants.

On Sunday a friend named Erin came over and cooked some amazing food for us. Erin is studying to become a chef and needs to log hours in client’s kitchens, so it was a win for everyone.

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  1. Right on, we went to Mendocino last weekend, and love it up there, too!

    We tend to get a place that has a kitchen and take the time to cook, but it’s great to hear that Ravens is fancy & fun!

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