Updates and Upgrades

We’re now running WordPress 3.0. Whoo hoo! I think. WordPress 3.0 is supposed to be 100% backward compatible with the previous version, 2.2.9, but you never know with these things. If you see anything weird with the site, please let me know as soon as possible so I can fix it.

And now the fun stuff, updates! Last weekend we visited my sister and parents in Davis, and picked up an amazing rocking horse custom built by Grandpa and Grandma for Corinne. I’ll see about getting a picture up soon. We had a really nice visit, although it was hot and my allergies went haywire being back in Davis.

On Sunday Raelene and I did a Mickaboo home visit for a very deserving family. Hopefully they will be able to adopt a pair of friendly budgies here soon. Sunday evening we had dinner with our friends David and Sarah. We both really enjoyed seeing them again.

Next Saturday is the International Day of Action for Elephants, so we’re protesting at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. This will be Corinne’s second animal rights protest, her first being against the Australian wool industry last Monday. Apparently she was waving her sign, and she even started chanting on the way home. We’ll see if we can get her to chant during the protest on Saturday. 🙂

Sunday is Father’s day, and I have no idea what Raelene has planned for me (if anything). I’m happy just spending time with my family, which is what being a Father is all about.

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