Long Weekend

A post! Not about BP! Finally!

The past few weekends have been pretty good. On Sunday the 16th I played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 3rd Edition with some friends at Endgame. My character is a bit of a womanizer, so he ended up getting shot in the butt by a jealous husband. Everyone at the table was howling with laughter over that one, and overall it was a lot of fun.

On Sunday the 23rd we drove to Sacramento to attend the birthday party for one of Corinne’s friends. It was a lot of fun. We also checked out Sugar Plum Vegan, a cafe and bakery near Sutter’s Fort,  and hope to return soon. Everything looked amazing, as did the sandwich vegan moon pie we shared.

On Sunday the 30th we discovered a really cool playground in Alvarado Park. This was after a really nice walk through the northern part of the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. I also managed to make some cherry sage vegan sausages from the Vegan Brunch cookbook, which we had for brunch with friends on Memorial Day. On Monday evening I pulled out my Weber grill, cleaned it up, and smoked some tofu and grilled some zucchini and more vegan sausage. Aww, grilling outside. The summer has truly begun.

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