Living Large

Okay, not really. But we did recently purchase a large, flat screen TV. It’s the first TV I’ve ever bought, which is impressive given my advanced age. I should also point out it’s not large compared to modern standards, it’s actually quite modest. But it’s considerably bigger than the TV we had, and I’m having fun with it.

One of it’s coolest features is the network video streaming. Last night I set up Netflix so that we could stream movies to the TV through the TV’s wireless network card. Wow. The quality isn’t great, but it’s good enough. And the best part is we now have access to a huge assortment of videos for Corinne to watch on demand. No purchasing DVDs that she’s going to quickly outgrow. No more playing roulette trying to bring stuff up on YouTube (it’s amazing how much horrible and bad stuff gets posted as a children’s video). And no more waiting for the right show to come on PBS, or quickly clicking away from a show she might enjoy because it’s on commercial television.

I’m enjoying it too. There are a number of TV shows I’ve missed over the past few years and I would love to go back and watch them. At the same time, I’m not always in the mood to watch the 4 episodes on the DVD Netflix mailed to me and I almost certainly don’t want to buy an entire season so I can watch it once.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I like technology.

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