Boycott BP

As consumers, we communicate with corporations through what we spend. People may hate a company’s practices, but as long as we keep giving them money the company has no reason to change. It’s the only real power we have.

I haven’t purchased Exxon gasoline since 1989. I honestly haven’t. It rarely comes up, but occasionally I have the choice between Exxon and another place that’s slightly more expensive. I will choose to pay more to not give Exxon my money. Yes, that was over 20 years ago. But when the Prince William Sound is 100% recovered, I will think about it.

Starting today I will not purchase anything from British Petroleum, err, sorry, “Beyond” Petroleum. This includes BP itself, Aral, Arco, Castrol, AM/PM, and Wild Bean Cafe. Look at those logos above. Memorize them. Avoid them. This is serious.

We cannot let a greedy few destroy the planet for the rest of us. We simply cannot.

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