A somber weekend

On Saturday we wished our friend and “grandmother” Grace Moreland farewell. I knew Grace through Raelene, and I hope Raelene will get the chance to post some of her fondest memories. Grace was an awesome lady, and we will miss her.

Saturday was also family haircut day. Yes, we finally got Corinne to the salon. Her hair was down the middle of her back, and was far beyond my ability to keep clean and detangled. At first she was scared, before we even got to the salon she would put her hands on her head and say, “I want to keep it.” Raelene got a haircut first while Corinne sat on my lap, and then Corinne sat on Mommy’s lap for her turn. She cried at first, then Raelene suggested I stream a video she loves on my phone and that seemed to calm her down. She kept turning her head, though, so the stylist wasn’t able to get in there and do a really good job. Still, Corinne’s hair looks cute, and it’s much easier to take care of now. After she was done we had time, so I ended up getting a quick unscheduled cut as well.

Sunday was a quiet day, I think everyone was still a little depressed from Saturday. In the evening we went for a short walk at the Albany Bulb, which is a weird sort of landfill slash park slash living art exhibit slash shanty town right on the bay. It was a beautiful place to walk, although I don’t think I would enjoy it after dark.

Since it was getting late we decided to have dinner at Udipi Palace in Berkeley. Wow, talk about awesome food and incredible service. It’s vegetarian/vegan southern Indian cuisine, and I can’t say enough good things about everything we had. Corinne loved it too!

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  1. .. soo sorry to hear the sad news. Please tell raelene that Dylan and I are thinking about her during this time.


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