Boycott BP

As consumers, we communicate with corporations through what we spend. People may hate a company’s practices, but as long as we keep giving them money the company has no reason to change. It’s the only real power we have.

I haven’t purchased Exxon gasoline since 1989. I honestly haven’t. It rarely comes up, but occasionally I have the choice between Exxon and another place that’s slightly more expensive. I will choose to pay more to not give Exxon my money. Yes, that was over 20 years ago. But when the Prince William Sound is 100% recovered, I will think about it.

Starting today I will not purchase anything from British Petroleum, err, sorry, “Beyond” Petroleum. This includes BP itself, Aral, Arco, Castrol, AM/PM, and Wild Bean Cafe. Look at those logos above. Memorize them. Avoid them. This is serious.

We cannot let a greedy few destroy the planet for the rest of us. We simply cannot.

So how bad is it?

This picture overlays the Deepwater Horizon oil spill onto the San Francisco bay area. It is a very visual way to see just how much of a disaster the spill really is. It’s staggering just how many BP Oil executives have donated their personal fortunes to help fix the worst oil disaster in the history of the world. That number, of course, is zero. Something else that’s staggering is the ratio of criminal charges brought against BP to the number of charges against those protesting offshore drilling. That number, of course, is zero divided by something very large.

This whole thing makes me sick.