WonderCon, Passover, and Easter

Oh my, what a busy weekend!

On Saturday Corinne and I went to WonderCon for a few hours. I think Corinne enjoyed it, although she did seem a little overwhelmed. I didn’t get anything, the event was not stroller friendly and so I had a really hard time getting around. There were, of course, tons of comics, people in costume, and all sorts of dust collectors for sale. We saw dozens of Jedi and storm troopers, and even shared an elevator with Darth Vader.

The surreal part was the autograph area. There was a huge collection of former celebrities, lined up in stalls next to one another, all selling autographed posters, autographed photographs, and pictures with fans. That’s right, selling talking a picture of you with them using your camera. For $30. Yikes. I didn’t get any autographs, but I did see Adam Baldwin, Denise Crosby, Lou Ferrigno, Erin Gray, Virginia Hey, Marina Sirtis, Helen Slater, and Lindsay Wagner. It was weird. It was cool. I had fun. I’m glad I got in free. 🙂

Sunday we spent Easter/Passover in Santa Cruz with my sister. Yea, I know, we’re a bit schizophrenic, but we want Corinne to have the fun of Easter egg hunts mixed with the ritual of a Passover Seder. The Easter Bunny left Corinne a basket in the morning. It was full of cool gifts (no candy), and she loved it. We had a really nice Seder with Marcy and Dylan, with some truly amazing food. Oh my! Marcy and Raelene can both cook. After dinner Corinne went on a plastic Easter Egg hunt, which she blew through with amazing speed. She’s two, so we mostly hid the eggs in unusual places in plain sight, but that wasn’t good enough. She found all twelve in a matter of minutes.

This was also Corinne’s first time meeting Marcy and Dylan’s new puppies. She was a little nervous at first, but warmed up to them quickly. I was worried because sometimes dogs get a little jumpy and excited around kids. But not these two. The puppies were incredibly well behaved.

Overall it was a great weekend. Thank you Mike for the WonderCon pass! And thank you Marcy and Dylan for the wonderful Easter/Seder!

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