Beautiful weekend

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous this past weekend, and I feel bad we weren’t able to take full advantage of it.  That’s okay, though, we did at least enjoy some of it. 🙂

Friday evening we gave away our old table and chairs. We’d been procrastinating on doing anything with them, and then a single mom posted to Freecycle asking for a dining set because her kids were eating at their coffee table. Now I am glad we procrastinated, because I can’t think of a better home to send our old dinner table and chairs to.

Saturday we went to the local farmer’s market to stock up on fresh produce, which is always fun. The afternoon was a little slow. Corinne had a major nap meltdown, and Raelene wasn’t feeling well so she took a nap too. So we didn’t get a whole lot done, but that was okay. I think everyone needed the day to recharge.

On Sunday I went to Endgame to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We decided to take the completely random approach to character generation, and then develop a game to play from that. It worked out amazingly well, far better than anything I’ve ever done randomly in a game. Part of this was the game itself, the creators obviously spent some time developing a way to include chaos and randomness and still come up with something cool (which is more difficult than it sounds). But a big part was the guys at the table, everyone put a lot of good creative energy into coming up with something that was awesome.

Sunday evening Raelene did some errands and shopping while I put Corinne to bed. And that’s about it. Happy Monday!

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