Another Mini-Milestone in Sleep!

Last night I woke up to Corinne asking for, “Daddy,” which of course isn’t new. When I went into her room she asked for water, which doesn’t happen that often but does happen. So I gave her a sippy cup, which she grabbed from my hands and started drinking from. She then laid down to drink, and when she was done she said, “Done!” and handed me the cup. She then stood, and I was mentally prepping myself to hold and rock her back to sleep for the next hour.

Then it happened.

I said it was still dark outside, and I asked her to lie down, and she did. She said, “Night night Daddy,” and then went to sleep. I didn’t have to pick her up once. I stood there in shock for a few minutes, worried that if I moved I might wake her, and then left as quietly as I could. She slept for another few hours before waking up for the day. Wow. This is so cool. 🙂

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