Never Do Business with The Vegan Collection

Raelene has been trying to find me animal free dress shoes, wallets, and belts for some time now. When she found The Vegan Collection, she was ecstatic! Little did she know what she was getting into.

So about six weeks ago Raelene ordered me a pair of vegan dress shoes. Unfortunately the shoes that arrived were significantly smaller than what she ordered. I wear size US 10’s, I’ve fit US 9’s on my feet but was in pain, and I couldn’t get my toes inside these shoes. They fit Raelene, not me. Okay, no problem we thought. We’d contact the company and let them know we received a mismarked pair of shoes.

Raelene contacted the website, and over the past weeks they’ve continually refused to admit that there might be anything wrong with the shoes. We even emailed them pictures of the shoes they sent us next to the 10’s I’m currently wearing, showing clearly that the Vegan Collection shoes were nearly 2 inches shorter. No response other than to say the Vegan Collection shoes run a little small and that the owner’s shoes fit fine.

We mailed the shoes back for a refund, which initially they claim they issued over a week ago. Unfortunately we have yet to see any money from them. Last night they sent Raelene an email saying that we had to include a note saying the shoes were defective if we want them checked, despite the fact they are now in possession of the shoes.

Right now they have our money, they have the shoes, they have all the handling charges, and they’ve given us no reason to believe that they’re going to give any of it back. Quite the opposite, actually. We keep getting emails that approximate customer service, but I believe they’re simply trying to postpone us going to the BBB a little while longer. At this point I’ve given up on the idea that we will ever see our money.

There are few options for those who want leather free dress shoes, belts, and wallets. Unfortunately this is not a place to get those things. Buy from them at your own risk, or better yet avoid completely.

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  1. Ugh! This sucks! I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience. Thanks for getting the word out, however, it is much appreciated. I hope you resolve your issues to your satisfaction. Best of luck!

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