Jamie Oliver Inspiring Change in America

This video helped me appreciate something I took for granted when I was younger. We shopped for our own food and cooked it. I was encouraged to try new foods and I learned how to prepare them. Not all of it is food I’d eat today, but thankfully it didn’t come in a bucket or a flat square box. Processed foods and takeout meals were the exception, not the norm (I distinctly remember asking for a TV dinner once for my birthday). I’m glad I see the value in being familiar with my food and I’m glad I can share this with my daughter. My favorite food as a kid was spinach. What fun to explore and find out what Corinne’s favorites will be! Right now she’s hooked on tangerines and mangoes, and that makes me proud.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver Inspiring Change in America

  1. I’m involved with an organization called People’s Grocery:

    Their mission is to bring healthy, affordable, and local food to the residents of West Oakland in a way that builds a sustainable, local food system. They’re awesome, and I think you’ll dig them.

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