A Cancelled Weekend

Well, sometimes things work exactly as planned, and sometimes all your plans get canceled. This past weekend was one of the latter. We were called upon to do some babysitting on Sunday, so I canceled my Saturday CthulhuTech game to give us more time to get ready. But then at the last minute the babysitting fell through because both kids were sick. So we unintentionally had a nice, reasonably relaxing, free weekend, which I think everyone enjoyed.

Next weekend, though, that’s going to be busy. Raelene’s birthday is on Saturday, which in and of itself makes it a big weekend. Normally we celebrate with our good friends Karen and Grace, who are  incredibly wonderful people, but this year for various reasons it didn’t work out. We’re sad we wont get to see them, but these things happen. We’re going to have a quiet dinner with a couple of friends instead, and there might be a little bit of celebrating that goes along with that as well. Who knows. 🙂

Other than that things have been fairly quiet. Corinne is cute as heck, and amazingly smart. Her current things is she loves to climb, and is getting into everything. Life is never dull with a 2 year old in the house.

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