Rainy Days

We had a fun, mostly dry weekend. On Saturday I went to Endgame‘s January Minicon, where I ran CthulhuTech and played Feng Shui. It was a long day, but I had a lot of fun and Raelene survived the afternoon and evening with me gone. I’ve run CthulhuTech twice now, and it’s starting to grow on me some. The system isn’t as streamlined as I would like, but the setting is really cool. I think I like it. I found Feng Shui to be far more annoying than I thought it would be. I like the idea of “yin/yang” dice where one is positive and the other negative. In practice, though, keeping all the pluses and minuses correct at 11PM and after 8 hours of gaming is incredibly difficult.

On Sunday we went to a birthday party for one of Corinne’s friends who was turning 2. It was a lot of fun, with balloons and cupcakes and a make your own crown bar. Corinne found her friend’s pint sized rocking horse, and she loved riding it. It was cute.

Today it’s rainy, and since Raelene has some sort of nasty stomach bug I’m taking the day off to help watch Corinne. Truth is I’m not feeling all that great either, so staying home is probably for the best.

Coming up next weekend is the San Francisco vegan bake sale to raise money for Haiti. I’m not sure what we’re going to be baking for it, but something certainly.

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