New Update Schedule

Okay, I admit it, I can no longer keep up with three posts a week. It was good while it lasted, and I do enjoy looking back and seeing what we were doing with that type of regularity. And it may still happen, but in the mean time I’m going to aim for a new blog post each Tuesday morning.

The past weekend was good. We started Christmas shopping for next year. Yes, I’m serious. We bought a high end tricycle for Corinne off Craigslist. It’s really nice, and when she’s big enough to ride it she’s going to love it. It’s in the storage shed now.

Corinne is sleeping better than she was last time I posted something, but she’s still up at least once or twice a night. Her latest fixation is climbing, she wants to climb everything. Not only can she climb up onto her changing table, but she can also climb down.

We’ve started building up a home earthquake preparedness kit. We already have all sorts of first aid supplies, plenty of blankets to keep warm, and enough canned food to survive. Now we’re making sure we have jugs of water and a more extensive collection of canned foods, and I bought an emergency radio and a couple of hand crank lanterns. This isn’t just because of what happened in Haiti, but also because of all the earthquakes they’ve been having down in the south bay as well as the recent larger one up north. There’s also the fact that the sea lions left San Francisco, it might be because of the fish and it might be because they know something we don’t.

Next weekend is the Endgame Minicon, where I’m running a CthulhuTech game. Not only is the game full, but there’s also a wait list. That’s a nice feeling, although I’m sure it has far more to do with the setting than me.

I think that’s it. Have a good week!

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