22 Months

It’s amazing how time flies. Wow. Corinne is 22 months old. It seems like only yesterday it was her 1st birthday.

She’s sleeping a bit better at night, some nights at least. Our sleep through the night count is up to 7, which I’m really happy about. Over the past few weeks she’s been waking up every hour or so, but the few weeks before that it was once or twice a night. In the evenings we watch her on the video monitor, and she’s getting better and better at falling back asleep  on her own after she wakes up.

Developmentally she’s doing great. She’s talking in sentences, and is practicing saying “please” and “thank you.” The other day, after I put on her shoes she told me “good job.” She’s getting really good at climbing, and can climb up on the bed and her changing table. She’s walking and running, of course, and can handle stairs with minimal fuss. She’s getting good at playing by herself, too, which is nice. She loves Caillou, and we have a growing collection of Caillou books and DVDs for her.

Happy 22 months pumpkin, we love you.

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