Nineteen months!

At nineteen months, Corinne is quite amazing.  She’s learning her colors, counting, and opposites. She’s been helping me sort laundry into light and dark piles and is getting really good at it. I have found that the best way to help her learn is to ask her a lot of question while doing everyday things. You don’t have to plan anything, you just have to make use of the opportunities right before you. It seems to be working.

Another thing I think really helps is to make sure that kids get proper nutrition. One way I do this is to make Corinne a cup of strawberry milk. It’s just pureed strawberries and some nondairy milk, but looking at her reaction you’d think I invented something truly original . My favorite milk to use is Trader Joe’s organic whole grain drink.  It’s very mild tasting and is full of calcium, D, and B 12.

I’ve read that vitamin C enhances iron absorption, so I always try to offer Corinne something with lots of C after an iron-rich meal or snack.  Also, I’ll occasionally swap the whole grain drink with an iron fortified rice or soy milk.  Thank goodness Corinne loves to eat because it gives me plenty of opportunities to full her up with healthy stuff.

Happy nineteen months, sweet pea!  We love you and we love seeing how big and strong you are!

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