Hello, and happy Monday!

Our weekend was fairly quiet. On Friday I had lunch with Iradj, a friend from college. It had been a while, and it was good to see him again.

On Saturday we went to a neighborhood picnic at a local park, and Corinne had lots of fun running around and playing on the playground equipment. She’s no longer afraid of swings, although she will tell you “all done” once she’s done and you had best get her out of the swing quickly. She seems to be a little less crazy about slides these days, but they’re still among her favorite things to do.

I wasn’t feeling that well Sunday, so Raelene did a wonderful job taking good care of me. She also managed to get a whole slew of housework done as well. I have no idea how she did it, she’s a super mom. 🙂

Corinne continues to amaze. Sunday evening Raelene made an awesome cookbook test recipe, and Corinne loved it so much she raised her arms and said, “Yay vegan!” Okay, we had to prompt her some, but she still did and said it. 🙂 She’s also been fairly mindful and cranky the past week or so, and we now know why. We thought it was the onset of the 2’s, but as it turns out she has at least 3, possibly 5, teeth cutting through right now. Ouch. That’s enough to make anyone cranky and miserable.

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