No Jury Duty.

Good morning, and happy Monday! 🙂

I called the court house on Friday about jury duty today, and was informed by the recording that my civic duty has been fulfilled. I’m really happy I don’t have to go through what I’ve heard is a long, arduous, and often mind numbing process. On the other hand I’ve never served on a jury, and I was hoping for the experience. Maybe next time. 🙂

Corinne is still teething, which is making her super cranky and cling to Mommy. I try to help, but as far as the toddler is concerned I’m a jar of foie gras at a vegan pot luck. We also had the scare that maybe Corinne’s teeth were starting to rot, probably from the night feedings that have continued unabated since birth, which is a scary thought. As it turns out the yellow buildup wiped off fairly easily, so it was probably just plaque. Plaque isn’t good, of course, but it’s better than bottle rot.

On Saturday I played in my monthly Godlike game. It was, as always, awesome. I am continually amazed by the caliber of guys I am gaming with. This is a rare group. The next session is the start of the end, and the finale (the liberation of Paris) will probably take two sessions to play through.

Veganmofo 2009 starts Thursday…

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