Finally, an update!

I guess I’m still trying to get back into the rhythm of three posts a week. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully this will be the start of more regular updates.

Corinne has hit several milestones in the past couple of weeks. She’s been putting pairs of words together for a while now, but two weekends ago she put together her first sentence. She was sitting in her high chair watching Raelene jump up and down like a frog, and when Raelene stopped bouncing she said, “Mommy do-it more boing.” Since then she’s continued to string three to four words together into sentences, and it’s really amazing to watch her figure this stuff out.

Another leap was last Friday, when I was out walking with her and Andre. Some small, yappy dogs ran out to a gate to bark at us, and she looked at the dogs and started saying, “dog! cute!” over and over again. After a moment or two she counted the dogs. Yes, she said, “one two three four dogs.” And yes, there were four dogs yapping at us. She’s made the leap between counting as a sequence (she can count to 10 easily and 20 with some help) and counting things. Amazing.

This isn’t a big developmental leap, but it was cute nonetheless. Last weekend Corinne farted during her bath, which was cute so I told Raelene about it. Yes, baby farts are cute. It’s a parent thing. Raelene looked at Corinne and asked if she farted, and she looked up at Mommy and said with all sincerity, “Daddy farted.” At 18 months she’s already blaming me for her gas. I have to admit I’m somewhat proud. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Sunday we took Corinne to the Solano Stroll in Berkeley, and she was mesmerized by the Japanese Taiko drumming. That was a lot of fun. Corinne also got to play with a Quadrilla marble run toy, completely supervised of course, and I had to pry her away from it she was having so much fun. She also loved the Melissa & Doug wooden toy train set, although she spent most of her time handing me trains instead of playing with it as intended. But as long as she’s having fun it’s all good, right? Right. ๐Ÿ™‚

And that’s it for now. More Friday, and pictures soon!

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