Eighteen months!

That’s right, Corinne is a year and half today, and of course that’s the perfect excuse to share what’s she’s been up to. Corinne has been talking up a storm and is starting to form sentences. The other day I was pretending to be a frog and she said “Mommy do it, more boing,” which I thought was pretty remarkable. This morning she came up to me and said “porcupine” and showed me the sign she learned from her video. The fact that she can say “porcupine” as clearly as any adult can really amazes me.

Sleep is still an issue, but things are slowly starting to improve.  Corinne does her longer stretch of sleep between around 7:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. In the past she would wake up several times during that window, but now she’s starting to wake up less often. We’re trying to teach her to fall asleep in her crib, and that involves some tears and frustration, but slowly we’re making some progress.

And don’t let me forget… Corinne is no longer using a pacifier! I was starting to worry she would be using one indefinitely, but she had a couple of naps last week when she didn’t ask for one.  I decided it was now or never, so we hid all the binkies and if she asked for one we would tell her they were dirty or we would just change the subject. It worked!

Happy eighteen months, beautiful Corinne!  We love you!

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