Early Mornings

Corinne is still has a mouthful of teeth all coming in at once, and it is making her fussy and cranky. Raelene and I understand, heck, I would be fussy and cranky too. But it’s hard, especially on Raelene who spends all day with her. We will get through it, but if you have any good thoughts and positive energy to send please do. 🙂

This evening is the Pt. Richmond Farmer’s Market, which is our primary farmers market these days. We also plan to stop by the beach and toss breadcrumbs into the bay to celebrate the Jewish new year. Hopefully little miss cranky pants will co-operate, because I think she might enjoy it. 🙂

Saturday late afternoon is my next Godlike game. The story is winding down, and we have maybe 3 sessions of play left. I am going to be sad when Godlike is over, it has been an awesome game. Once Godlike is over, though, I hope to run a short CthulhuTech game. CthulhuTech is a mashup of Lovecraft’s horror and Neon Genesis Evangelion. It should be interesting. The CthulhuTech setting is awesome, but unfortunately the game itself is best described as mediocre mid 90’s game design. I’ve vowed to play it unmodified at least once, although I anticipate having to make some serious changes or possibly even using some other set of rules.

Monday I am scheduled to have jury duty. Hopefully I wont see our former neighbor. 🙂

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  1. Blog looks great… sorry about poor baby’s gums. My friends have had luck with the natural chamomile teething tabs that you freeze, I can’t remember what they are called – but you can get them at Whole Foods etc. @Wayne, there was so much praying at the wedding in Texas this weekend and I got through it by saying “Hail Cthulhu” under my breath. It worked in making me feel better and slightly subversive even though my head was bowed, no what I mean? Can’t wait to hear Corinne say Yay Vegan! Lots of love, Marcy

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