Another long night

Corinne had another rough night last night. It must be painful having 25% of your teeth breaking through all at once, poor little thing.

The weekend is scheduled to be fairly quiet. We hope to get some house stuff done and some exercise in. Raelene is walking with the neighborhood safety patrol tonight, and I am playing in my Godlike game tomorrow evening. I have jury duty on Monday, and need to call in tonight or sometime this weekend to see if they still need me. I’ve never served on a jury before, so this could be a very new experience for me.

I haven’t written about the fids lately, so I thought I should give a quick Zoe and Andre update. Zoe is doing okay adjusting to having a child in the house. She’s not happy about it, and despite the fact I have her on my shoulder as much as I can in the evenings she is definitely starved for attention. If there wasn’t such a horrible stigma associated with giving up your animals after having a child I would be looking for a new home for her. She is an amazing and wonderful bird that deserves better, and it breaks my heart to see how neglected she feels. But I am confident this situation is only temporary, and that as Corinne gets older it is going to be easier to spend more quality time with Zoe, and that things are going to get better. Andre, on the other hand, is doing quiet well. He’s getting old, blind, and deaf, and so he mainly just wants to curl up and sleep most of the day. That’s easy to accommodate. 🙂 Corinne has learned to be very gentle with him, and likes to walk up and pat him. We never let her do it unsupervised, though, because you never know when she’s going to get enthusiastic about patting him or when she’s going to try and pat his face.

Happy Friday!

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