Weekend Excitement

Raelene, Corinne, the critters and I had a fairly nice weekend. On Friday I walked as part of our Neighborhood Watch, which is something Raelene and I have been doing fairly regularly recently. We gather with 6-10 of our neighbors and walk the streets after 9PM with high powered flashlights and look for people doing bad things. It’s good exercise, it’s enjoyable time spent with friendly people who care about the community, and it’s doing some good. The only scary thing on Friday was a guy sitting on his porch who put his hand on a gun as we walked by. I’m not sure why he would feel threatened by the neighborhood watch, but he was.

On Saturday we went to the Pinole Farmer’s Market, and then Raelene and Corinne headed off for a Mom’s Group brunch while I stayed home and napped with Zoe and Andre. I think everyone had a good afternoon. 🙂 I also started to feel sick on Saturday, so it’s good that I was able to get those few extra hours of sleep. I think they helped.

Sunday morning we took Corinne to a local park that has slides, tunnels, swings, and other fun things. She rode there in her wagon, and seemed to have a really good time running around and playing on things. Sunday afternoon was quiet, I ended up sleeping most of it due to my illness. Raelene was wonderfully supportive through it, and even encouraged me to go to bed early. She’s very good to me. 🙂

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