The neighbors were restless

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend, and for the most part I guess it was. Friday and Sunday evenings were, unfortunately, the exception.

Friday night was was supposed to go out on neighborhood watch patrol, but by the time I was supposed to leave the neighbors across the street were drunk and loud and didn’t care who knew it. Previous parties have devolved into yelling with machetes, drunken figure 8’s in their various vehicles, and gunshots. The police are almost always called, but rarely even get out of their vehicles when they arrive. So I canceled on the patrol, deciding to stay home to keep my family safe instead of wandering the neighborhood keeping other families safe. Ironically, within 10 minutes of me emailing the group saying I wasn’t walking tonight and why, three police cars arrived and the officers got out and shut the party down. I have no idea what happened, but the neighbors were quiet the rest of the evening, and continued to be quiet all weekend. Score one for the good guys. 🙂

Sunday evening a house party a few doors down from the noisy neighbors erupted into violence that spilled into the street. Raelene called 911, and the operator said someone else had already called and that the police were on the way. I don’t think the police were taking the complaint too seriously, because when I went out to see what was going on there were two officers surrounded by a dozen drunk party goers. It didn’t look all that safe, but I figured they knew what they were doing (and that the party goes were not going to attack the officers). Turns out the police did know what they were doing, because within a few minutes 8 more police cars arrived to shut the whole thing down. Whew! Score two for the good guys. 🙂

Other than that, the weekend was nice and quiet. We went to the Pinole farmer’s market and did some errands on Saturday, and stayed in and did house stuff on Sunday. Corinne is saying more and more things, and is very aware of what you are saying around her. She’s still not sleeping through the night, or anywhere close to it. One day she will, though. One day we will get more than a few hours sleep each night.

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