Random Stuff

There’s nothing all that new to mention today, so I though I would force a handful of random, rambling thoughts upon you.

A car horn is not a doorbell. Please remember that.

The sun is rising later and later, which I’m happy about. It means my mornings will be cooler and cooler, and therefore more comfortable, as I wander to the train station. Soon I will be watching sunrise from the train platform, and eventually will be boarding in the dark. There is something oddly comforting about starting my commute before sunrise. It’s as if the darkness justifies how tired I am, but also much more than that.

Whether in public or at home, I do not like your music nor do I want to listen to it. Please turn it down. By that same token, I do not want to smoke your cigarettes second hand or convert to your religion. Please keep that in mind.

I’m increasingly finding awesome music in the Amazon.com MP3 store that was hard to find when it was new 20 year ago. This is, in a word, awesome.

In the words of Dave Barry, someone who is nice to you but who is not nice to the waiter, is not a nice person. Sometimes it is hard, but we should all strive to be nice people.

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