Yikes! Has it really been over a week?

Yes, I guess it has been over a week since an update. Sorry about that! But a week ago Friday I took off a chunk of nail and the end of my finger with vegetable peeler, and so typing last week was painful at best. Add to that a generally busy week, and it’s no wonder there were no updates. My finger is doing much better, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into my normal MWF posting schedule.

So, what new? There is all sorts of stuff to write about! I’ll start with the big one, which last night the police raided the house across the street because the Dad was involved in a double homicide at a local restaurant. This is the same loser who earlier this year vandalized Raelene’s truck, and who’ve we called 911 on so many times I’ve lost count. What appeared to be family, possibly with the mom, emptied the house of belongings this afternoon and as of now it stands vacant. Whew. Hopefully that is the last we will ever hear of them.

Corinne continues to amaze with her vocabulary. She has been using phrases for a while, but recently she started creating them herself. During a nap battle over the weekend she called Elmo, “Stupid Elmo.” It was cute. She also periodically goes through and shows you all the signs she knows, and she knows a lot of them. Last week Raelene took her to the beach and the Oakland Zoo, and she had a blast both places.

A week ago Saturday I played in my monthly Godlike role playing game. In the previous session half of the characters died, so it was a very different game than it’s been. Not bad, just different. We are about three sessions out from ending the game, at which point I am planning on running a short CthulhuTech game. CthulhuTech is pretty messed up, so it should be fun. 🙂

We are still walking as part of the neighborhood patrol, and while I’m not sure how much crime we are deterring I think the walks are having a positive effect on the community. People are interested in what we’re doing, and they’re coming out of their homes to talk to us about it. People who have lived near each other for years are meeting for the first time, and I believe the effort has prompted increased police activity in the neighborhood. These are all good things, especially if we want the drug dealers and murderers out of the neighborhood.

I think that’s it for now, but expect more on Wednesday. 🙂

Random Stuff

There’s nothing all that new to mention today, so I though I would force a handful of random, rambling thoughts upon you.

A car horn is not a doorbell. Please remember that.

The sun is rising later and later, which I’m happy about. It means my mornings will be cooler and cooler, and therefore more comfortable, as I wander to the train station. Soon I will be watching sunrise from the train platform, and eventually will be boarding in the dark. There is something oddly comforting about starting my commute before sunrise. It’s as if the darkness justifies how tired I am, but also much more than that.

Whether in public or at home, I do not like your music nor do I want to listen to it. Please turn it down. By that same token, I do not want to smoke your cigarettes second hand or convert to your religion. Please keep that in mind.

I’m increasingly finding awesome music in the Amazon.com MP3 store that was hard to find when it was new 20 year ago. This is, in a word, awesome.

In the words of Dave Barry, someone who is nice to you but who is not nice to the waiter, is not a nice person. Sometimes it is hard, but we should all strive to be nice people.

Goose Update

I heard back yesterday from the organization that rescue the goose we found wandering the neighborhood,  and it sounds like it is recovering nicely in an outdoor aviary. In addition to the leg injury it looks like someone or something got a hold of the poor animal and tore out a large number of primary (flight) feathers. No wonder it never tried to fly.